5 Ways to become a president of The Gambia

5 Ways to become a president of The Gambia

Be it a doctor or a military man, it takes a lot of hard work and years of dedication towards education and evaluation process. However, there are a few careers which only requires talent and a proper plan to achieve.

At times, people get crazy ideas of becoming an actor, a trader, a counselor or even the President of Gambia. Yep, you heard me right. There are ways you can become the President of Gambia, but it takes a lot than you think.

All the ways we are about to discuss are pretty crazy but cent percent interesting. If you are desperate to try it out, then please do it at your own risk you might get lucky or you may just enjoy the experience.

Join the Military and stage a coup

5 Ways to become a president of The Gambia

Soldiers on the chillout! Gambia

It may sound a little crazy, but why not? This is the most discussed and tried way to become the President. Join the military forces to become a powerful leader who has access to troops and heavy ammo. Influence the key people in the system by bribing them, you can threaten them by saying you’ll throw your socks on them if they don’t co-operate.

On the D-day, just send in your troops to the president’s office posing like pizza boys, florists, courier boys, and housekeeping staff. Suddenly out of no-where you break into the president’s office and take charge. “Boom…… Hello President” Cool right?

Form a political party and contest elections

5 Ways to become a president of The Gambia

Holding flag. Voting – Gambia

It is highly critical for you to learn the mindset of Gambian people. The Gambia has a serious welfare problem. Promise the people of Gambia that you’ll offer monthly freebies to everyone if they make you the President.

On top, you can promise free food passes to everyone upon your successful oath-taking ceremony. You can add some more promises like free food for a lifetime, pension for people who have more than two children, and a free vacation every year. But make sure you have loads of cash in your office basement.

Become a Coalition stakeholder

5 Ways to become a president of The Gambia 4


After the President of Gambia, coalition stakeholders are the most influential people in The Gambia. Though Muslims are the major community in The Gambia, there are other communities as well.

Being a coalition stakeholder, you can influence your counterparts and convince them to vote you as the President of Gambia. In return, you can offer them a life-time guarantee for their income and political support.

Become the Vice President

5 Ways to become a president of The Gambia 2

Become a vice president of The Gambia and …….

Using any of the above methods to become the Vice president. Then you should just wait until the President dies. Either you can hope the President dies or you can hire villains like Dr.Gru, Megamind, or local goons to finish the job.

Also, you can try to use evil spirits to do the job because no law can punish spirits. I personally recommend Madam KOKET, it looks like a harmless doll and just finishes the job without shreds of evidence or witnesses. If you are lucky, it will spare your life to become the next President of Gambia.

Become a Rebel and use brute force

5 Ways to become a president of The Gambia

A tough and dangerous way to become the President of Gambia. Undeniably, this way is not for faint hearts. Become a rebel and gather a huge team to act as your troops. Arrange several troops across the country and use them to captivate the key government offices at once.

Use powerful weapons to threaten the people who come in your way. But be careful with the local police, you may have to shell a lot of money to them as to avoid the legal actions for carrying weapons.

Keep checking this page for updates. More ways to become the President are on the way. Please don’t curse me if you don’t like the ideas, just give me a little more time I will provide you with more creative ideas 🙂

Please Note;

This article was and is intended for sarcastic satirical purposes only. The owners of GM24 TV does not reflect all the views expressed.

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