2 dead and 20 wounded after mall with more than 1,000 people inside hit by airstrike, Ukrainian officials say

Ukrainian soldiers ride an armoured vehicle on the main road to Lysychansk in the eastern Ukrainian region of Donbas on June 26. (Bagus Saragih/AFP/Getty Images)

The Ukrainian military command is “trying to stop the chaotic escape of Ukrainian servicemen near Lysychansk amid the success of Russian army,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Russian and allied forces of the Luhansk People’s militia have been closing in on Lysychansk since the fall of neighboring Severodonetsk.

In a statement on its Telegram channel, the defense ministry claimed that a unit of the Ukrainian Azov regiment had been sent to “hold the personnel” of another Ukrainian unit at the settlement of Vovchoyarivka, near Lysychansk, where there has been heavy fighting.

The Defense Ministry also claimed that it had eliminated two units of international “mercenaries” near Lysychansk, including a group of Georgian fighters. CNN has not independently verified the claim.

The commander of one Ukrainian unit in Lysychansk had lost control over the majority of his troops, the defense ministry added without offering evidence for the claim.

Meanwhile, all four missiles fired at a district of Kyiv on Sunday reached their target, which it described as “the workshops of the Artyom missile corporation” in the Shevchenkivskyi district, the defense ministry also said. “This enterprise produced ordnance for Ukrainian multiple rocket-launching systems (MRLS).”

At least one missile, or wreckage from it, hit an apartment building, leaving one person dead and several injured, according to a CNN team at the site and Ukrainian officials.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the damage to the residential building was caused by one Ukrainian system destroying an anti-air missile fired by another.

“Due to lack of interoperability between the launching ramps of the air defense systems and electronic facilities deployed in residential areas, 2 S-300 air defense missiles have been intercepted by Ukrainian Buk systems. One of the intercepted air defense missiles has presumably fallen down to a residential building,” the defense ministry claimed.

There is no independent evidence for such a scenario.


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